Other Headaches

Classification of headaches :

  • Nasal vasomotor reaction headache

  • Psychogenic headaches: depression

  • Hypochondriasis, conversion, psychotic (delusional)

  • Cluster headache

  • Traction headache

  • Nonmigrainous vascular headache

  • Secondary to cranial inflammation

  • Muscle contraction (tension) headache

  • Secondary to disease of other cranial or neck structures: dental, ocular, aural, nasal, sinuses

  • Combined vascular-muscle contraction headache

  • Cranial neuritides of neuralgias

Cluster Headaches :

As their name implies, these headaches tend to occur in clusters of one or more daily for a period of several weeks. They are relatively short in duration- that is, usually 20 minutes to 2 hours-- unilateral, almost always occur on the same side, and re without prodromata. Severe, boring, piercing pain usually occurs in the orbital of forehead areas and a may be associated with nasal congestion, tears, and a partial Horner's syndrome.

Tension (muscle contraction) Headaches :

Emotional stress is often associated with prolonged contraction of head and neck muscles, which, over several hours, may cause constriction of the blood vessels and result in ischemia. A dull, aching pain often begins suboccipitally and may spread over the head, sometimes feeling like a tightening band. The scalp may be tender to the touch, and in contrast to migraines, the headache is usually bilateral and not associated with prodromata of nausea and vomiting. The onset is often toward the end of the workday or in early evening.