Identify an Addict ?

Tips to Identify an Addict :

  • Your child is spending more time in the toilet and you occasionally come across pieces of fine glass, needle, syringe, empty bottle, match stick, cigarette bud/foil or wrapper of some unknown medicine.

  • Your child is lazy, has difficulty in communicating, is oversleeping & has less interaction with the family members.

  • Your child is losing interest in studies, is becoming irritable & prefers staying out of the house or sleeping at their friends house frequently.

  • Child complains of repeated cough problems and body aches & insists on getting cough syrups of a particular brand which preferably contains codeine & his or her refusal to get examined by a doctor.

  • Occasional missing of money from the wallet or purse or locker, loss of jewellery or costly items and irrational demand of money.

  • Redness of eyes and slurring of speech.

  • Detection of black sticky material from the pocket / purse / bedside of the person.

  • Loss of appetite and weight.